Oikos No. 1 dredging starting next week

The Port of London Authority today announced that maintenance dredging will soon begin near the OSL Facility on Canvey Island.

Photo courtesy of Van der Kamp

According to the Notice L17-23, contractors instructed by the operators of Oikos Storage Ltd. are about to begin dredging operations in the vicinity of Oikos No. 1 Jetty, including the berth box, clearance channel and berth approach area.

Dredging will be undertaken by dredger AQUADELTA on ebb tides only and is expected to be complete by 16th May 2023. The dredging methodology historically used for works at Jetty 1 is water injection dredging.

The AQUADELTA is a water injection dredger, a type of vessel that injects large volumes of water into the seabed, fluidizing the sediments so that it can flow naturally to other deeper areas.