Sweden’s SKB gets permit for Forsmark Port expansion

Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB (SKB), Sweden’s radioactive waste management company, has received an environmental permit to expand and conduct operations in Forsmark Port.

SKB photo

In April, SKB took over Forsmark’s port from former owner Forsmark’s power group as a prerequisite for handling and transporting radioactive waste and used nuclear fuel from NPPs to the repository.

The port now needs to be upgraded and expanded with another berth.

SKB will carry out two large construction projects in Forsmark in the coming years and will have to ensure sustainable transport.

If building materials and rock masses can go by sea, the number of road transports in the municipality will be reduced.

The judgment made by the Land & Environment Court regulates, among other things, noise, transport and other impacts on the environment.

Refurbishment and expansion involves investments of approximately SEK200M ($19.6M).

The work is set to start in the autumn of 2024 and will last for just over a year.