IADC Dredging in Figures 2022 report out now

The 2022 edition of Dredging in Figures, an annual review of the global open dredging market by the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) is now available.

Photo courtesy of IADC

After two challenging years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the working environment returned more or less to business as usual. While there were still some travel restrictions in place in the first half of the year, these were subsequently lifted.

Having worked remotely during much of the pandemic, everyone was happy to have the opportunity to meet once again face to face. As for IADC’s events, it was decided not to organise hybrid sessions (i.e. partially live and online) and most of IADC’s scheduled events were held live.

The world however, has tumbled from one crisis to another. The impact of the war in Ukraine cannot be overlooked. Member companies are no longer allowed to work in Russia and local offices have been closed.

The greatest impact has been an increase in the cost of fuel and other commodities and as a result, the dredging industry incurred a major fuel cost increase of up to 50%. Therefore, 2022 remained a very challenging year for IADC’s members.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Terra et Aqua journal, IADC published a special jubilee edition. The publication was launched in May at the World Dredging Congress (WODCON XXIII) in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a cocktail reception and a stand in the exhibition area. The anniversary issue focuses on various topics including safety and educational developments over the past five decades.

Terra et Aqua, IADC’s Safety Award and the Dredging in Figures publication all contributed to promoting and increasing general awareness of the industry to the outside world. The input of IADC committees working tirelessly on a wide range of themes, such as cost standards, equipment, sustainability, sand as a resource and externalities, to name but a few, is invaluable. Cooperation with other organisations is an ongoing process, which has resulted in a number of publications.

The importance of sustainable dredging practices remains a core value held by IADC and its members. IADC hopes that in the future, through governmental changes in law, sustainable solutions will be required in all marine infrastructure projects.

In addition, and crucial to this change, is that funds also become available to enable these sustainable projects to be realised. Breaking the deadlock in financing sustainable projects was a key topic of IADC’s activities in 2022.

A full description of all IADC’s activities can be found in the 2022 Annual Report.