IADC presents paper – Integrating dredging in sustainable development

Based on the Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure (DfSI) book, IADC has published a paper on ‘Integrating dredging in sustainable development‘.

Photo courtesy of IADC

The paper outlines the philosophy and concepts of sustainability and its application to water infrastructure projects focusing on practical issues for dredging.

Dredging is connected to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as those related to navigation, coastal protection, and flood risk management.

The dredging industry recognizes the need to incorporate these goals into the infrastructure development process and communicate how projects align with the SDGs.

IADC introduced this paper to present the concept of sustainability in relation to dredging projects. It describes the approaches and practices that are key to using dredging and dredge material to create more sustainable solutions and infrastructure – a modern way of thinking about dredging.

IADC’s Ayya Shahhat will present the Integrating dredging in sustainable development paper at the PIANC Meddays conference, held in Sète this week.