BREAKING NEWS: DEME gears up for Grand-Lahou job in Ivory Coast

A ground-breaking ceremony for the Grand-Lahou project is taking place in the south of Ivory Coast, said DEME Group.

photo courtesy of DEME

At the moment, DEME teams are embarking on dredging and coastal protection works aimed at stabilising the sand barrier between the Tagba Lagoon and the ocean.

By doing so, we’re providing a vital solution to safeguard Grand-Lahou’s vulnerable shoreline from coastal erosion, flooding, and increased rainfall. Furthermore, the fishing village is facing the risks posed by rising sea levels,” said DEME.

“The Grand-Lahou coastal protection project, where we will deploy a cutter suction dredger and hopper dredger, is expected to take approximately one year to complete.”

The event was attended by Robert Beugré Mambé, Prime Minister of Ivory Coast, along with representatives from the World Bank.