DEME Group: Naming ceremony of multi-purpose pontoon Maya

DEME Group has marked a significant milestone at the Fehmarnbelt tunnel project with the official naming ceremony of the multi-purpose pontoon Maya.

photo courtesy of DEME

Designed for the construction of the world’s longest immersed tunnel between Denmark and Germany, Maya will play a crucial role in laying a uniform gravel and stone foundation on the seabed before the immersion of the 89 tunnel elements,” said DEME.

This high-tech operation involves precise work up to 40 metres below sea level, ensuring the stone and gravel bed is positioned with centimetre-level accuracy along the 18 km stretch.

Maya is equipped with a unique subsea gravel installation frame, known as the Submerged Dumping Tool, which operates like a 3D printer under water, meticulously putting gravel layers inside the tunnel trench.