International collaboration to reduce emissions in dredging industry

Harwich Haven Authority, North Sea Port, Port of Rotterdam Authority, Kystverket (the Norwegian Coastal Administration) and Rijkswaterstaat (NL) have announced a joint initiative to significantly reduce emissions in their dredging activities, with a long-term goal of climate neutrality.

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Emission reduction will be achieved through 2 measures: using cleaner engines and using renewable energy carriers.

According to their official statement, minimum emission requirements for dredging vessels will be introduced first, which will then be gradually increased over time.

Individual efforts to reduce emissions can lead to uncertainty and inefficiency among contractors,” said Bert Kassies, Portfolio manager seagoing projects at Rijkswaterstaat. “By collaborating, we can provide a clear direction and maintain a competitive yet fair market environment. This initiative is a logical step forward for the industry. We invite others to join us in this crucial effort.”

Reducing our impact on the environment and achieving net zero emissions are central to our business objectives,” added Sarah West, CEO of Harwich Haven Authority. “We believe the most effective path to these goals is through collaboration and partnership.”

The effort underscores the need for cooperation in an international market, which has unique exceptions in laws and regulations. Aligning efforts and collaborating on data and procurement tools could benefit both clients and contractors, they said.