Giant backhoe dredger Odin busy at Fehmarnbelt Tunnel

Femern A/S has just released this beautiful photo of Boskalis’ giant backhoe dredger Odin.

photo courtesy of Femern A/S

Odin arrived in Rødbyhavn at the end of May, tasked to conduct a very important job of removing the outer, temporary dike at the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel.

The temporary dike has until now shielded the construction site at the tunnel portal from the water.

But since the entrance to the tunnel portal is now under water and we have completed the 200-meter-wide permanent dike, the outer, temporary dike is no longer needed and can therefore be removed,” said Femern.

Construction of the Tunnel began in 2020 on the Danish side and in 2021 on the German side.