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USA: County Officials Call for Oak Orchard Harbor Dredging

Orleans County officials this week called on the federal government to dredge the shallow harbor at the Point ...

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MassDOT Seeks Corps Permit for Oak Bluffs Project (USA)

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation – Highway Division (MassDOT) is seeking a permit from the U.S. Army ...

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USA: Oak Creek Seeks Dredging at Bender Park Harbor

Oak Creek’s Bender Park is only a year removed from a dredging project that cost Milwaukee County roughly ...

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USA: Dredging on Oak Bluffs Harbor About to Begin

Oak Bluffs harbor management advisory committee is moving forward with significant projects to improve the port. ...

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USA: Oak Creek Dredging Kicks Off

A month-long dredging project is under way at Oak Creek’s Bender Park, which means the boat launch will be ...

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Oak Bluffs Dredging Project Ongoing (USA)

The value of sand has skyrocketed, and given all the predictions that global warming will cause a rise in sea ...

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Waterway Dredging Will Take Place at Oak Island (USA)

Bulldozers spotted recently scraping islands near Davis Canal at Oak Island’s west end are readying the area ...

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