Great Lakes Will Perform Maintenance Dredging on Palm Beach Harbor (USA)

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company gets the maintenance dredging work on Palm Beach Harbor, Florida.

The Palm Beach Harbor maintenance dredging consists of dredging material from the entrance channel, settling basins, Cut-1, Cut-2, and the North and South Turning Basins.

Financial value of this project is $2,410,860.64.

The project depth varies from 25 feet to 37 feet. The disposal area is located south of PL -4.5 and extends southerly approximately 2,750 feet. All material removed during this event shall be placed in the Nearshore disposal area in less than -17 foot MLW.

The solicitation will include three separate dredging events, with each dredging event containing a separate mobilization and demobilization line item.

Option A will be for dredging in the winter of 2010 and Option B will be for dredging in the summer of 2010. The method of dredging is with an ocean certified hopper dredge and will require the use of the Silent Inspector System for hopper dredge monitoring. The order of work will be as directed by the Contracting Officer, and dredging may occur anywhere within the project limits. Work also includes endangered species observer/monitoring, sea turtle trawling, and turbidity monitoring.



Source:, July 30, 2010