Canada: Four Harbours in Malpeque Region Get Financial Support

The Honourable Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, today announced that four harbours in the Malpeque region will benefit from funding from the Government of Canada’s recent investment in small craft harbours across Prince Edward Island.

A slipway construction project is planned for the small craft harbour in North Rustico, while planning work is slated for both North Rustico and Nine Mile Creek. Dredging work was recently undertaken at Malpeque Cove and Covehead.

“Small craft harbours are the lifeblood of coastal communities and we support the strong role that harbours play in the local economy,” said Minister Shea. “Our government’s unprecedented investments in small craft harbours will provide a safe and accessible system of harbours to Islanders for years to come.”

These projects are part of the $67 million the Small Craft Harbours Program is investing across Canada, and part of the $3.2 million announced in April for harbours in Prince Edward Island. The Government’s investment will revitalize small craft harbours and support the livelihood of those Canadians who depend on them. Safety and operational efficiency at harbours across the country will be improved through a variety of projects including dredging, wharf repairs, electrical system updates, and general maintenance.

Small craft harbour repair and improvement projects are undertaken by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, as part of its Small Craft Harbours Program, in cooperation with the local harbour authorities that manage and operate facilities for local users. Close cooperation between the department and harbour authorities allows the federal government to continue to provide an operable system of harbours and facilities throughout Canada in support of the commercial fishing industry.

This investment is in addition to the funding provided by Canada’s Economic Action Plan, which provides $200 million for two years for harbour repairs and maintenance projects. These projects were announced in 2009, and work will continue until March 2011.



Source: marketwire, September 8, 2010;