The Netherlands: New Dredge Pump Drive for “Maas”

Damen Dredging Equipment has replaced the submersed dredge pump drive of the sand mining dredger “Maas”. The dredger, built by Damen back in 1986, is still owned by its first owner, the dredging company Geluk. The operation included the removal of the former hydraulic drive, the engineering and fitting of a new electric drive, including its gear box, generator and the installation of a new CAT engine. All to ensure a prolonged productive life for the “Maas”.

The 600 mm discharge diameter sand mining dredger “Maas” is 52 m long, 8.9 m wide and has a maximum dredging depth of 43 m. In order to maximize production, a Damen submersed dredge pump is integrated in its suction ladder. The cost of the refit operation was justified as the “Maas” is of a robust design and has been kept in very good condition. The main reasons for the refit were the major efficiency gain of over 28% by switching from a hydraulic to an electric drive, the important reduction of the sound level, the increasing environmental concern when working with hydraulic oil and the easier (dis) assembly of the entire dredger once electrified.

Damen Dredging Equipment’s Service Department delivered the total package of engineering the system, removing all hydraulics from ladder and pontoon, and adapting everything to the new electric components. These are a 450 kW submersed electric motor with mechanical shaft seal, plus a 1-stage gear box and an elastic coupling on the ladder. In the aft side pontoon a 530 kW generator was installed, plus a new Caterpillar C32 diesel engine. The ladder and the pontoon were transported to the Nijkerk yard, where all work was carried out. After installation of all components, the ladder and side pontoon were connected to the rest of the dredger, where all testing and commissioning took place. Thanks to the practical turn key execution of the job the dredger resumed dredging without a hitch.

The dredger is currently at work at the ”Kraaijenbergse Plassen”-project in the East of the Netherlands, where, thanks to the sound level reduction, an earlier aborted dredging lot can now be finished. The Service Department of Damen Dredging Equipment has shown in yet another project her life time support program of the vessels. And the contractor Geluk has a reliable dredger again – ready for a prolonged super-efficient productive life.


Source: damendredging, September 29, 2010