Philippines: People Urged to Care for Pasig River

A Belgian firm involved in various dredging projects both here and abroad has urged the residents of Metro Manila, especially those living in the Marikina Watershed, to take good care of the Pasig River.

According to Belgian company Baggerwerken Decloedt & Zoon (BDZ), all government and private sector efforts in cleaning the metro waterway will result to nothing if the people do not put the Pasig River back into their hearts.

“As long as it is considered an open sewer rather than as part of the natural environment of Metro Manila, the ongoing’abuse’ of the Pasig River will continue,” it said.

“To allow for its overall rehabilitation, further work will be required on the revetment works along the Pasig River, the sewage systems leading into the Pasig River, and the rules and regulations on dumping of waste and emissions,” it added.

Earlier, the BDZ completed the dredging of a 17-km stretch of the Pasig River and turned over the project to the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) during rites at the Makati Park near the Guadalupe ferry station.

The firm recovered at least 2.5 million cubic meters of silt from the river and deepened the waterway to allow bigger boats and barges to navigate in the project that was finished two months ahead of schedule.

It said the process would improve the river’s water holding capacity and help ease flooding in Metro Manila.


Source: pia, November 26, 2010