The Netherlands: Transfer of Van Oord’s Shares

MerweOord B.V. (Gorinchem), the investment company of the Van Oord family, and NPM Capital N.V. (Amsterdam), both shareholder in Van Oord nv, have informed Van Oord to have reached an agreement on the transfer of the 27,5% share in Van Oord nv held by NPM Capital to MerweOord B.V. The MerweOord interest in Van Oord will therefore increase to 78,5%.

Koninklijke BAM Groep N.V. has also announced to have reached an agreement with MerweOord B.V. to jointly search for a party that might be interested in the 21,5% share of Koninklijke BAM Groep in Van Oord. If desired MerweOord will supplement this share to a maximum of 30%, as a result of which the desinvestment possibilities for BAM will increase.


Source: vanoord, December 20, 2010