Egypt: Second International Forum on the Suez Canal “The Suez Canal and the International Variables” Held in SCA Research Centre Hall


Under the auspices of Admiral Ahmed Aly Fadel, SCA Chairman, and professor Mohamed Al Zoghby, SCU President, the 2nd international forum, “the Suez Canal and the International Variables “, was held for 2 days in the SCU conference Hall, and the SCA Research Centre Hall. This forum will be held, according to the last 2008 forum’s recommendations, every two years on the occasion of the inauguration of the Suez Canal for the international navigation on 17 November, 1869.

The forum was chaired by Prof. Hassan Yusuf, the SCU Dean of Faculty of Arts, and Eng. Ahmed Mustafa, the SCA Chairman’s Advisor and the reporter general of the forum, and prof. Mohamed Farahat, Head of the History and Civilization Dept., Faculty of Arts SCU. The forum was attended by a galaxy of politicians, economists, professors of law and history in the Egyptian universities, and the SCA’s top officials.

The aim of holding such a forum is to discuss challenges facing the Suez Canal and how to deal with thereto, world financial crisis and its impacts on the Suez Canal, global climate changes, and the effects thereto on the competitive and alternative routes to the Suez Canal, in addition to handling the continuous development of the Suez Canal ( waterway – appliances& equipment – marketing policies ) . The forum also discussed piracy and its effects on the global economy and the world trade movement.


Source: suez canal, February 8, 2011