The Netherlands: CEDA Forms New Working Group


CEDA members are invited to express interest in participating in the new CEDA Working Group “Climate Change Adaptation as it Affects the Dredging Community”.

The WG is expected to produce a short, 2-4 page, document. Under the auspieces of the CEDA Environment Commission (CEC), the group is foreseen to run until November this year. The Terms of Reference for the WG can be downloaded below.

Interested experts are requested to provide the following information to the CEDA Secretariat by 20 April 2011 the latest:

Name and full contact details,

Brief description of relevant experience,

Brief curriculum vitae.

All other aspects being equal candidates from CEDA Corporate Members will be given preference.

Appointment to the WG dredging and climate change will be confirmed by the CEC before 27 April 2011.

More info: dredging


Source: dredging, March 30, 2011;



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