The Netherlands: Transfer of Van Oord’s Shares Effectuated


The announced transfer of shares from NPM Capital N.V. to MerweOord B.V., the investment company of the Van Oord family, took place on 30 March 2011.

The MerweOord interest in Van Oord is now 78.5%. The interest of BAM remains 21.5%. This new ownership of shares continues to guarantee the stability of Van Oord.

About Van Oord:

Worldwide we offer solutions that contribute to a safe and prosperous world by building crucial infrastructure on land and sea.

We build and maintain ports, construct river and coastal defences to protect against the effects of climate change, build (sustainable) energy and tourism facilities that sustain our economies, and reclaim land to accommodate the growing world population in deltas and coastal areas.We have been doing this for the past 140 years, and we will continue to do so in future, making use of the best people and equipment.


Source: vanoord, April 4, 2011;