Dutch Van Oord Joins Forces with CSL Group Inc. for Subsea Rock Installation Projects


Van Oord will join forces with Canadian based CSL Group Inc. for the technical and commercial management of flexible fallpipe vessels including the MV Tertnes, the MV Nordnes and the MV Stornes. The MV Tertnes, as well as the underlying contracts for each of the three vessels, were acquired by CSL as part of its acquisition of Jebsens’ belted self unloader business as was previously announced.

Together both companies look forward to optimizing and expanding the worldwide employment of the flexible fallpipe vessels in the traditional North Sea market and in the Gulf of Mexico, Canada, Russia and Australia.

The CSL Group is the world’s largest owner and operator of belted self-unloading vessels having extensive operations in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Van Oord provides services to the oil and gas industry by accurately installing rock with flexible fallpipe vessels in water depths up to more than 1,000 m.


Source: vanoord, April 8, 2011;