Russia: Van Oord Completes Dredging Project at Vasilyevsky Island


The new Marine Facade passenger terminal on Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg is up and running. Russia has opened a new European portal with the completion of this new passenger terminal for cruise ships and ferries. Van Oord performed all the dredging work for the access canal and harbour basin.

In 2005, the Russian main contractor Morskoy Fasad awarded Van Oord the contract for the dredging work of this project. In fulfilling the contract, Van Oord dredged more than 15 million m³ of sand and clay and developed a total of 120 new hectares of land.

The new terminal, which has a capacity of 12,000 passengers a day, has seven piers, five for cruise ships and two for universal traffic, including ferries. A new area is being developed behind the harbour for buildings whose accommodations will include business offices and hotels. The development of the Marine Facade has breathed new life into the tourism industry in St. Petersburg.


Source: vanoord, June 27, 2011;