Brazil: Van Oord Wins Two Dredging Projects in Port of Suape

Van Oord has been awarded two dredging projects in the port of Suape, Brazil. Together the two contracts are worth more than EUR 165 million. The client is Suape Complexo Industrial Portuario Governador Eraldo Gueiros, the port authority for the State of Pernambuco. Work on the two projects is scheduled to begin in late 2011.

In the first project, Van Oord will deepen the access channel to the industrial port of Suape. The work will involve removing 5 million m3 of earth. Approximately 1 million m3 consists of rock, some of which will require drilling and blasting. Deepening the access channel from -15 m to -20 m is a key objective in the port’s growth plans and part of a strategy to boost the economic development of Pernambuco. The project will be completed in September 2013.

The second project involves dredging an access channel and basin for the new Promar shipyard. Approximately 6 million m3 of material will be dredged, some of which will be used to create a new industrial site for the port. The remainder will be deposited at sea. The project will be completed in May 2012.

Van Oord will deploy two trailing suction hopper dredgers (large and small), a drilling and blasting platform, and a large cutter suction dredger on the projects. These two projects once again enhance Van Oord’s position in South America. Van Oord has been active in Brazil since 1985; since 1995, it has carried out various development projects in the port of Suape.


Source: vanoord, September 23, 2011