UK: Cornwall’s Euro MP Calls for “Common Sense” Solution for Falmouth

Since marine conservationists and developers who want to dig a deep-water channel for cruise liners have been unable to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, Cornwall’s Euro MP insists on finding a sound solution.

A potential damage to underwater algae, which acts as a nursery for fish, has postponed the dredging of Falmouth harbor. Chancellor George Osborne clearly stated that environmental directives can generate needless costs and interrupt development. Mr. Osborne explained that due to a new trial to relocate the maerl beds, areas of algae within a special area of conservation (SAC), the dredging and a £100 million dock overhaul could be performed within two years.

South West Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson said that there is no intention to destroy the natural habitat but it is necessary to find a way in situations where there is a great possibility for boosting the local economy. He also added that nothing so far has clearly indicated that the dredging works could cause any harm.

The Marine Management Organization (MMO), which has opposed calls for dredging due to possible consequences, has agreed on a scientific trial to displace the maerl beds.


Dredging Today Staff, December 6, 2011;