Dredging on St. Aubin Harbour Starts in March (Bailiwick of Jersey)

A mound of mud will be dredged from the Jersey’s St. Aubin Harbour in March, followed by a complete dredging starting in September.

Boaters had complained that mud was spoiling people’s enjoyment of the port and was preventing them from working on their boats.

The St. Aubin Harbour dredging project will cost around £300,000.

The big dredge will involve bringing in an outside contractor and it will take several months,” said Myra Shacklady, the commercial director of the Port of Jersey.

St. Aubin is a port in the Channel Island of Jersey. It opens out to a bay of the Gulf of Saint-Malo.

Originally a fishing village at the opposite end of St. Aubin’s Bay from the town of St. Helier, St. Aubin is now the hub of the parish of St. Brelade.


Dredging Today Staff, January 3, 2012;