Rotech Subsea Works on UK’s Largest Windfarm

Rotech Subsea Works On UK's Largest Windfarm

A global subsea engineering firm is working on a major North Sea contract worth in excess of £2million.

Rotech Subsea, which is headquartered in Aberdeen and owned by Norwegian firm Reef Subsea, is involved in a subsea excavation project with marine construction firm Red7Marine on what will be the UK’s largest operating wind farm.

The firm, which specialises in providing innovative engineering solutions for the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors, is carrying out post lay excavation work of power cables, including post trenching of cables, in the Greater Gabbard field off the Suffolk coast in the southern North Sea.

Rotech Subsea, which has a range of innovative mass flow excavation tools, utilised its T8000 controlled mass flow excavation tool at a depth of 30 metres. An ancillary jetting ring was used in conjunction with the tool to penetrate through heavy clays before the T8000’s controlled flow removed seabed materials to the required depths.

Through this extended project, Rotech Subsea has been showcasing the power of its tools in the renewables market.

Reef Subsea Chief Operating Officer, Tim Sheehan, said: “Securing the contract with Red7Marine was a massive achievement for the company. The project, which was very successful, gave us the chance to show the strength and controllability of our tools and demonstrate the proactive attitude of our personnel and support team.

 Rotech Subsea Works On UK's Largest Windfarm

In the past 12 months, the company’s central region of UK and Europe has secured more than £8million worth of contracts, of which the majority has come through the renewables market.

Rotech Subsea is a world leader in controlled mass flow excavation, providing subsea excavation services to the oil and gas, renewable energy, salvage and decommissioning markets.

Rotech Subsea was acquired by Reef Subsea in November and the deal ensures the firm now has one of theworld’s largest capabilities in seabed dredging and excavation services. The firm will now be known as Scanmudring-Rotech Subsea.


Dredging Today Staff, January 13, 2012; Image: Rotech