Australia: Maintenance Dredging on Melbourne Port Starts Next Week

Maintenance dredging is a routine part of Melbourne port operations. It has has been done for over a century but the methods, technology and environmental safeguards have improved significantly to protect Port Phillip Bay’s natural assets.

It ‘maintains’ declared depths rather than providing additional depth.

Sediment builds up due to natural wave, tidal and storm events and it is essential to maintain the channels and berths at their declared depth to enable ships to manoeuvre and access the port with sufficient draught clearance.

February-March 2012 program

South Channel currently has a sediment build up, reducing the declared depths by up to 60 centimetres.

To remove this build up, maintenance dredging in South Channel will start on 6 February 2012 when the trailer suction hopper dredge Brisbane arrives. All works will be conducted in accordance with an approved Environmental Management Plan over approximately 35 days.


Dredging Today Staff, February 3, 2012;