Senator Supports Delaware River Dredging (USA)

Senator Supports Delaware River Dredging

U.S. Senator Bob Casey released the following statement on the news that the Administration will allocate $16.864 million to the Army Corps of Engineers this year for the Delaware Deepening Project:

“This project is about creating and retaining thousands of jobs in southeastern Pennsylvania. The Army Corps’ plan to allocate nearly $17 million to the Delaware Deepening project is a major victory for the region that will help ensure that the Port of Philadelphia has the ability to compete with other cities along the east coast. This is a significant step in the right direction and I appreciate that the President and his Administration recognize the importance of this effort to the region’s economy. Deepening the Delaware will be an economic catalyst for all of southeastern Pennsylvania, creating jobs and putting the region on the map as an export hub. I will continue to fight to ensure that this job gets done and that the Delaware Deepening project receives the funding it needs in the FY 2013 budget.”

Senator Casey worked to ensure that navigation projects were significantly funded in the FY 12 budget approved by Congress and pushed the Administration, including the President and Vice President, to make sure funds were allocated to the Delaware Deepening project.

This project deepens the Delaware River Channel from forty to forty-five feet in order to accommodate larger vessels. This will reduce shipping cost, make maritime transportation more efficient and make the channel safer and more reliable.

Once the channel is deepened, there will be an estimated increase of 2.5 million tons of cargo to the Port of Philadelphia, creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs.


Dredging Today Staff, February 8, 2012; Image: usace