UK: River Mersey Dredging Step Closer to Realization

Sefton councillors will ask officials to undertake all necessary activities, so the Department of Business Innovation & Science’s money can be used for the River Mersey dredging.

This dredging grant will lead to Peel Ports beginning work on building a £226million River Container Terminal at Seaforth, and also this will allow the berthing of massive post-Panamax container vessels in the future, which are currently unable to access either river or the lock system at Seaforth due to a lack of depth.

“The dredging and River Terminal will together create 408 construction jobs, with a further 4,600 jobs to follow in port-based industry and logistics over the next decade,” stated Alan Lunt, Sefton director of built environment.

Once the dredging and terminal are complete, smaller ships and barges will be used to ferry cargo up the Mersey to smaller ports at Ince, Warrington and Salford. Cargo will also be transported out of Seaforth via trains.


Dredging Today Staff, February 16, 2012