UK: Angus Council Invites Bids for Montrose Bay Bathymetric Survey

Angus Council has announced tender for a bathymetric survey to be undertaken in Montrose Bay, United Kingdom.

The survey is part of phase 3 of the Montrose Beach Environmental Development Plan, which has been undertaken to assess the impact of coastal processes and erosion in Montrose Bay.

At present, material is being dredged from the mouth of the River South Esk at the entrance to Montrose harbour and is being deposited off Lunan Bay, approximately 8km away.

This has resulted in Montrose Bay being starved of material and consequently erosion along Montrose beach.

The bathymetric survey procured through this contract is required to assess 100% coverage of the morphology of the foreshore (seabed) in Montrose Bay, in order for Angus Council to implement phase 3 of the Montrose Beach Environmental Development Plan.

To assist with future survey work, a base station is to be installed (onshore) for this bathymetric survey.

This base station will be utilised for future survey work and needs to be clearly marked and referenced.

The deadline to respond to tender is 23 February.


Dredging Today Staff, February 17, 2012