BP Unveils Plan to Upgrade East Chicago Canal Dock (USA)

NWI Times informs that a yearlong upgrade to BP North America’s docks on the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal will not interfere with federal plans to dredge the waterway, company officials said last week.

Mike Nguyen, Army Corps project manager said that the dredging of some 4.6 million cubic yards of contaminated sediment from the harbor and canal by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled to begin in late June or early July.

BP expects to spend $20 milllion to $30 million on the dock replacement, Michael Dominik, team leader for the BP project said. The work is scheduled to be finished in fall 2013.

The Army Corps plans to remove about 400,000 cubic yards of polluted sediment from the harbor and canal each of the first five years of the $150 million navigational dredging project and continue “maintenance dredging” for another 25 years.


Dredging Today Staff, March 28, 2012;