Housatonic River Initiative Hosts Experts Panel (USA)

General Electric and the EPA have dredged the first two miles of the Housatonic River from the GE site through Pittsfield. The “Rest of River” plan for the cleanup of another six miles is being developed.

A community and panel discussion about cleaning the river from chemicals was moderated by Tim Gray, Housatonic River Keeper. He claimed that the dredging is necessary for the improvement of the natural ecosystem of the Housatonic, but that the GE company does not agree.

Panelists discussed the harm of over 200 unnatural chemicals in the Housatonic that worked their way up through the food chain of the river. They also urged the removal of these chemicals before they do more damage, according to WAMC.

The EPA held its last quarterly Citizens Coordinating Council meeting before the „Rest of River“ project plan is further developed.

The estimate for a preliminary „Rest of River“ plan is this summer.


Dredging Today Staff, April 9, 2012;