Thailand: Bangkok Canal Dredging 30 Pct Completed

The Department of Drainage and Sewerage has disclosed that the canal dredging operation in 18 districts of Bangkok has now been 30% completed, believing the task will meet its deadline.

According to Mr Sanya Cheenimit, Director of the Department of Drainage and Sewerage under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), there are 18 major locations undergoing the canal dredging work, including Sai Mai, Don Mueang, Thawi Watthana, Khlong Sam Wa and Bang Khae districts. He pointed out that over 30% of the operation has been accomplished in the areas so far while 20% more will follow suit no later than this month.

The Director explained that canals are also being dredged in 12 other districts considered minor areas but there has been little progress because the concession process is yet to be finalized.

Meanwhile, other aspects of the flood prevention plan, such as water pumps and water gates, have been 95% ready to operate whilst the other 5% is mainly the maintenance work on these machines since they are now being used to drain and regulate the off-season rain water.

Mr Sanya added that main concerns at the moment are the sewers, which will need to be drained quickly, although he expects every effort to be achieved before the rainy season arrives and before an inspection by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in May.


Dredging Today Staff, April 17, 2012;