CodaOctopus, Atlas Services Enter into Agreement (UK)

CodaOctopus, Atlas Services Enter into Agreement

An important part of the TAP service is the provision of trained, expert operators who are able to ensure that the Echoscope™ is operating optimally as soon as it’s installed, and is providing imagery and recorded data to suit the customer’s requirements.

In order to meet the level of demand that the popular TAP service is generating, CodaOctopus has entered into an agreement with Atlas Services Group to build up a pool of experienced sonar operators who have undergone a thorough hands-on training course on the installation, configuration and operation of the Echoscope®, and on the use of the Underwater Survey Explorer™ software. The first training course took place in April, with several experienced surveyors and multibeam experts having now graduated as certified Echoscope® Operators.

The training was carried out by Ben Hinett, Sales Manager at CodaOctopus, who was quoted as saying “It was a strong team to work with, they picked it all up with the speed that one would expect of professional offshore survey personnel. My appraisal is that all trainees now have a solid foundation in Echoscope® installation, operation, replay and outputs.”

Andrew Blears, Senior Account Manager at Atlas Services, said “Atlas are delighted to support CODA and their customers with the provision of specialist operators of the Echoscope as we can see the potential benefits and opportunities with our specialist niche markets. Maintaining and developing the skills and competencies of our offshore workforce is among our key principles, and the Surveyors involved in this venture are eager to get to work with the system and put their training to the test!”.


Dredging Today Staff, May 14, 2012; Image: codaoctopus