PM: Government Will Not Allow Repeat of Last Year’s Flood Crisis (Thailand)

The Prime Minister has assured the public that the government will not allow the repeat of last year’s flood crisis in 2012.

During the 4-day official trip to inspect state-initiated flood prevention projects, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said that the water resource management policy in 2012 will focus on achieving a balance between water retention and demand for water. During this trip, she will inspect the dredging of canals in provinces which received the state funding.

She reiterated that water stored at all dams will be kept at an appropriate level, while staying prompt for possible adjustment, when needed.

The PM stated that the government has abolished the strict storage of water, just like the country has witnessed last year.

Meanwhile, the Premier commented that recent flooding has been sudden but the government will do its best to prevent prolonged inundation witnessed last year.

PM Yingluck also stated that government assistance has been promptly delivered to those in need in flooded Sukhothai through the provincial governor while the damaged sluice gate has been repaired and the inspection has been performed at all levees.


Dredging Today Staff, June 13, 2012;