USACE Opens Public Comment on Winstrom Creek Dredging (USA)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will accept public comment on Winstrom Creek dredging, reports

Project description:

The applicant proposes to dredge, by mechanical means, in Lake Macatawa adjacent wetlands including Winstrom Creek upstream and downstream of Perry Street, and wetlands along Perry Street for a discharge channel.

Replace a 3 foot diameter culvert under Ottawa Beach Road with a 6 foot rise by 10 foot span culvert. Discharge riprap and fill material in Lake Macatawa and the adjacent wetlands for the replacement of the culvert and the construction of a sediment basin.

For this project, the extent of Corps jurisdiction is the upstream extent of dredging in Winstrom Creek approximately

155 feet north of Perry Street.

Dredging Today Staff, June 21, 2012