USA: Dredging on Onondaga Lake Begins

After ten years of investigations, designs and construction, the Onondaga Lake dredging has finally started.

This dredging project is part of a more than $400 million project to restore Onondaga Lake to its original state.

John McAuliffe, the Honeywell Syracuse Program Director, said: “The sediment is pumped from the dredge shed which breaks up the sediment, puts it through a double wall pipe line for four miles up to the sediment consolidation area which is a line facility that has been built up on some former Allied-Signal property in Camillus.”

One of the things McAuliffe was most proud of is the number of people working on this major cleanup project. In total, 500 people have been hired, according to They include engineers, scientists and construction workers.


Dredging Today Staff, August 2, 2012