China: Guanxi Laibin Project to Reduce Flooding Risk

The development objective of the Guanxi Laibin Water Environment Project for China is to support priority investments to reduce flooding risk and water logging in selected areas of Laibin City.

Negative impacts include: exhaust gas, wastewater generation, solid waste, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, solid erosion, and health issue.

Mitigation measures include:

1) the sludge should be transported with closed transport vehicles to avoid splash. The lime should be spray into the sludge pool to control odor;

2) the spoil caused from construction of various engineering shall be cleaned and carried away by entrusted carrying agency and are not allowed for arbitrary piling-up;

3) the dry excavation method will be used for river dredging;

4) to have a reasonable overall arrangement of the construction site so as to avoid excessive high level of noise in some areas;

5) to install temporary sound barriers to mitigate the adverse impacts to the surroundings;

6) cooperate with local sanitation department to ensure the physical health of construction worker;

7) water drainage should be carried out to avoid the scouring of rainwater on the surface soil; and

8) the reserved land should maintain its original vegetation.


Press Release, November 6, 2012