Philippines: Vigan Gets Money for Environment Protection

The City Government of Vigan has allotted P24 million to protect the environment and lessen the impact of Climate Change in this Heritage City known for its Castillan Homes and included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council Chairman and Mayor Eva Medina said that for its disaster preparedness and mitigation measures with funding requirement of P17.8 million, the city government will strengthen the council through the establishment of community-based early warning system.

The Council also conducted mitigation training and drills for the members composed of various government agencies aside from the inventories of disaster risk reduction and Management equipment. It also includes the inspection of farm-to-market roads, bridges and core, buffer zone and public buildings for possible hindrances or obstructions in the delivery of services.

Medina urged the Biguenos with the cooperation of non-government organizations to help in the greening program through planting of mangroves along riverbanks and watershed areas and the protective interventions of inhabitants in areas highly vulnerable to disaster like floods, typhoon, fire and earthquake.

With a fund of P7.8 million as part of the local Climate Change Action Plan, the city government purchased and maintained disaster emergency equipment, supplies, tools, vehicles and heavy equipment.

The City Government also constructed protective infrastructures like sea walls, canals and flood control and sustained dredging of rivers and clearing of waterways. aside from the control and prevention for emerging and re-emerging human and animal diseases.

For its Quick Response Operations with P4 million budget, the Command Communication and Central Unit has been re-activated and mobilized alert operations and security measures including Emergency Rescue and Evacuation.

The City Social Welfare Office under Celie Agcamaran also mobilized its social workers and volunteers during calamities to provide ready-to-eat foods, relief goods and core shelters to typhoon victims and to conduct damage analysis and needs assessment. The City Health office with the help of the Local Red Cross also provide health services and medical assistance to calamity victims.

For rehabilitation, about P2.4 million was allotted for the systematic assessment of the severity of damages, rehabilitation of affected area and victims, maintenance of evacuation centers and provision of disaster facilities and other needs.


Source:, November 6, 2012