Coda Octopus Delivers UIS to Port Everglades (USA)

Coda Octopus Delivers UIS to Port Everglades

Coda Octopus Group, Inc., recently delivered an Underwater Inspection Systems (UIS(TM)) to Port Everglades.

Port Everglades is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world and a leading container port in Florida. It is among the most active cargo ports in the United States with more than 5,300 ships calling at the Port in a year, and the Port handling over 23 million tons of liquid, bulk and containerized cargoes. The UIS(TM) which includes the Echoscope real-time 3D sonar will be used by the Port for, among other things, underwater inspections of piers and critical infrastructure, vessel hull surveys and harbor surveys to ensure safety of navigation including after hurricanes and other events.

The President of Technology at Coda Octopus Group, Blair Cunningham said: “We are very pleased to welcome Port Everglades to our community of UIS(TM) users. The Coda Octopus UIS(TM) is proving its value in ports globally. With its Echoscope real-time 3D capabilities it yields significant cost and time savings by enabling operators to see underwater objects in zero visibility conditions immediately. This allows immediate decision making. Moreover, using this technology, a port can inspect a 1000 foot pier in minutes compared to several hours by a team of divers. The direct result is a significant increase in confidence for those providing Port Security.”


Press Release, December 11, 2012