HID delivers powerful cutter suction dredger to the Maldives

HID’s new generation cutter suction dredger CSD750 (HID-CSD-7535 Model) was delivered to Maldives Transport & Contracting Company (MTCC) earlier this year.

photo courtesy of HID

We are honored to deliver the first ever CSD750 to MTCC,” said Bella Wang, HID Global Sales Director of HID Dredging Equipment.

We feel that this brand-new CSD750 design fits our client’s operation perfectly. This is not the first time HID exported dredger to the Maldives. As early as 2014, we successfully delivered HID-CSD-5522 model dredger to a land reclamation job, for construction of an airport.”

The powerful dredger was extensively inspected at the HID Shipyard and accepted by MTCC and BV representatives.

After various tests of the dredge systems, the technical acceptance was signed and the CSD750 was delivered, said HID.

photo courtesy of HID

Dredge specifications:

  • Flow capacity: 7000m3/H,
  • Dredging depth: 22m (underwater),
  • Discharge distance: 2000m,
  • Main engine: CUMMINS UK Origin 1864KW,
  • Cutter power: 700KW,
  • Total installed power: 4612KW,
  • Pump quantity: 2 units,
  • Dredging material: Hard soil, rocks.