Everglades Foundation: Seepage Wall Project completes

Everglades Foundation has just announced the completion of the Seepage Wall Project.

photo courtesy of Everglades Foundation

This 7.3-mile long and 60-foot deep underground wall was built with the world’s largest rock trencher.

The new Central Florida Everglades Planning Project Water Seepage Barrier Wall Project is already protecting local western Miami-Dade communities from flooding while helping keep water inside the Everglades and enabling much-needed freshwater to flow south to Florida Bay,” Everglades Foundation said.

The CEPP New Water Seepage Barrier Wall Project adds five miles of underground seepage wall along the L-357 Levee.

By supporting restoration flows of water through the Greater Everglades Ecosystem, the new underground wall supports the Combined Operating Plan (COP) and new infrastructure being put in place throughout the Everglades that delivers more water into Everglades National Park and Florida Bay – two key areas that need increased flows of water.