Heron Construction busy in the Port of Melbourne

Heron Construction Company recently commenced routine maintenance dredging works at Station Pier.

Photo courtesy of the Port of Melbourne

In order to maintain the declared depths and ensure safe navigability of vessels in the Port of Melbourne, Heron has brought in a Backhoe Dredger to complete the works.

Port of Melbourne has ongoing dredging obligations to ensure the safe passage of ships visiting the port.

Dredging has been routinely conducted in Port Phillip and the port area for over 100 years to maintain the declared channel depths and allow the safe navigation of vessels and the efficient transport of cargo.

This spring, the port is planning to undertake maintenance dredging works in the following areas:

  • Victoria Dock
  • Appleton Dock
  • Swanson Dock
  • Swanson Dock Swing Basin
  • South Wharf
  • the Maribyrnong River (southern end near Maribyrnong/Yarraville berths)
  • Webb Dock; and
  • Station Pier.

These works will be carried out by Heron Construction Company and will not generate any impacts to the local community.