USA: Damon Joins EdgeTech

Damon Joins EdgeTech

EdgeTech has announced the addition of Damon Wolfe in the role of Product Line Sales Engineer.

Damon joins EdgeTech after four years with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) where he served as a technical lead for a variety of surveying and remote sensing projects including hydrographic surveying, topographic surveying, geodetic surveying and photogrammetry.

Prior to working with the USACE, Damon was in the United States Marine Corps. Damon’s background and experience will be great attributes to the team at EdgeTech as the company continues to grow its bathymetry product offering. Damon has firsthand knowledge and experience with many of the systems used in underwater surveying. EdgeTech’s 4600 Side Scan Sonar & Bathymetry system is becoming an increasingly popular tool in this field and Damon will join EdgeTech in growing and enhancing the product line.

Already in the works at EdgeTech are ROV and AUV-based bathymetry systems that will provide full swath bathymetry plus dual frequency side scan sonar imagery in a single compact system.


Press Release, December 11, 2012