Malaysia: Resident Claims Illegal Dredging at Sungai Bengkoka

Masdo Dakolah, the protem chairman of Kumpulan Nelayan Kecil Persisiran Pantai dan Sungai Daerah Pitas, has alleged that a non-Sabahan company is carrying out illegal sand dredging activities along Sungai Bengkoka.

He claimed that the company started dredging sand from the mentioned area on December 5, reports

I went to speak to the manager of the company on December 6 to ask him if he had the approval to dredge sand from the area and he said ‘yes’. But to my knowledge, there is no such approval because I am the one who had applied to the government to implement a river deepening and sand dredging project there,” said Masdo.

He added that he went and lodged a police report on the same day so investigation can be carried out on the matter.


Dredging Today Staff, December 30, 2012