Iran Invests Large in Port Development

Iran Invests Large in Port Development.

Managing Director of Ports and Sailing Organization Seyyed Ata’ollah Sadr said on Wednesday that this (Iranian) year (1391, ending March 20th, 2013) Iran invested some 400 billion US dollars in country’s ports’ development projects.

Speaking at a press conference at Mazandaran Province Ports and Sailing Head Office, Sadr added, ‘This is the volume of investment made by the Iranian private sector and due to the legal bonuses, it is mainly invested in country’s special economic zones, special trade zones, special industrial zones and ports.

He said constructing a silo for commercial transactions in Behshahr’s Amirabad Port, putting to use a sugar refining factory, and oil refining factory, and a paper manufacturing firm in this port city are among the samples of the investments made by the Iranian and foreign firms at the port cities of the country’s special economic, and free trade zones.

The deputy roads and rural development minister referred to provision of infrastructure facilities, construction of jetties, construction of structures to break heavy tidal waves, timely clearing of the ports’ pools and canals of mud as some of the activities of the country’s Ports and Sailing Organization aimed at encouraging the private sector investors.

He said, ‘For development plans in areas behind the coasts of the port cities, too, we are taking advantage of the private sector investments.’

Sadr said that the construction of the road for direct access to Noushahr Port, too, was approved during the third round of the provincial tours of the president and cabinet ministers, adding, ‘Although this project has been approved by various commission members in the cabinet, but it has not been implemented yet.’

He said that creating new jobs, increasing the capacity of ports, boosting the national economy, and noticeable increase of the private sector have been among the objectives of Noushahr Port’s development plan, adding, ‘By construction of this access road in fact Noushahr Port, as a logistical port city, would be able to provide the needs of Tehran, Alborz, Qom, and Central provinces.

The deputy minister asked for cooperation of the concerned officials and organization more than ever before for implementation of this infrastructure project.

The managing director of Ports and Sailing Organization meanwhile referred to the recent sanctions imposed by the global oppression system against the Islamic Republic of Iran, arguing, ‘Although throughout over three decades after the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution the enemy has been after inflicting losses against our country by imposing sanctions, threatening, and cultural onslaughts, but fortunately all these troublemaking efforts have turned into opportunities at the service of impregnating new capabilities in country’s ports.’

He said that the process of physical progress of the infrastructure plans being implemented in Noushahr Port is satisfactory, adding, ‘Although we are facing land shortage for the approved development plans for this port, but the process of physical progress of the infrastructure plans, including providing land by pushing back the sea at a 14 hectare area on the northern side of this port have noticeably proceeded.’

According to official statistics, the country’s ports have the annual nominal capacity of transferring some 172 million tons of goods, which must be increased to 210 million tons by the year 2015.

The Head Office of Mazandaran Proving Ports and Sailing Organization in located in Noushahr.


Source: Islamic Republic News Agency, January 3, 2013

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