Australia: New Dredgers Arrive in Darwin Harbour

New Dredgers Arrive in Darwin Harbour

The dredging fleet in Darwin Harbour will soon be boosted with the arrival of the Vox Maxima, a large dredger being used as a barge in Darwin because of its large hopper.

This reduces the number of trips to the offshore spoil ground.

By mid January, a new dredger, the Volvox Asia, will arrive to dredge part of the approach channel to Blaydin Point, just before Cossack and Lightning Creeks.


Unlike other dredging vessels, the Volvox Asia does everything itself. It will dredge loose sandy material from the sea bed by lowering its drag head to the sea floor and sucking up the sand like a giant vacuum cleaner.

It will place the dredged material in its hopper, then sail to the spoil ground to dispose of the material.


Press Release, January 8, 2013

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