Sweden: TOPAS PS 40 Installed on Triad

TOPAS PS 40 Installed on Triad

A Kongsberg TOPAS PS 40 – Parametric sub bottom profiler has recently been installed on MMT’s survey vessel Triad.

The acceptance tests of the new system were successfully performed in early December outside Nynäshamn in the Stockholm archipelago. The Topas 40 will add the benefit of high spatial resolution in the sediment profiles. The narrow beam results in low received reverberation levels allowing for high penetration of the sediment strata.

Due to the parametric operation of the transmitter, transducer dimensions are very small compared to non-parametric systems which make the system suitable for a relatively small vessel such as the Triad (LOA 26m).

Triad is currently involved in hydrographic survey operations in the Baltic Sea. Topas 40 sediment profiles will be collected through the duration of the project.


Press Release, January 14, 2013