Indonesia: Residents Urge Opak River Dredging

Residents Urge Opak River Dredging

Due to wastes and mud buildup, the Opak River is becoming shallower every day, according to

RW 01 Tambora residents hope the Opak River could be normalized, so their homes would not be left under water during the flood.

Regarding this issue, Tatang (45), a local resident, said: “How would the river accommodate much water during rainy season? At that time, the dredging conducted was only as long as 200 meters out of one kilometer promised to the residents.

West Jakarta Water Management Public Works Sub-Department continues to inventory Semongol, Semanan, Apuran, Grogol, and Duri rivers, which are already very shallow caused by the mentioned factors.

The rivers and water channels will be normalized gradually. Regarding Opak River, there is possibility the river would be dredged. To make sure, we will check it first,” said Monang Ritonga, the Head of West Jakarta Water Management Public Works Sub-Department.


Dredging Today Staff, February 4, 2013

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