VIDEO: IHC Beaver 50 Cutter Dredger (The Netherlands)

IHC Beaver 50 Cutter Dredger

The IHC Beaver® 50 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and special design features including:

– A Cutter Special® pump which combines a large ball passage with high suction performance and high efficiency.

– One single diesel engine providing efficient power supply for all energy consumers such as the dredge pump, hydraulic installation and 230V board net.

– Environmentally-friendly solutions such as low emission dieselengine, grease-free bearings for all sheaves on board.

– Improved maintenance properties by application of so-called “white iron” wear parts for the dredge pump and non-ferrous sheaves for longer wire life and fewer rotating equipment.

– Improved ergonomics for operating cabin and dredger controls.

– Refined industrial design.

– The engine and control cabin are placed on dampers for improved comfort and reduced noise.

View on Youtube.


Dredging Today Staff, February 19, 2013