Dredging to Bring Benefits to Cromford Canal (UK)

Dredging to Bring Benefits to Cromford Canal

The dredging works, worth £300,000, will make a 1.3 mile stretch between Cromford Wharf and Leawood Pump House deeper so that boats can sail there.

The deputy leader, Councillor Simon Spencer, said:

Cromford Canal has a rich history and is part of the World Heritage site.

This investment will bring long-term benefits to the area.

Tourism is an integral part of the Derbyshire Dales economy and the work will enable boats to be run on the canal for the first time in many years.

Increasing visitor numbers to the area will create jobs and opportunities for local businesses.

The work will have an ecological value too, clearing silt and reed from the central channel of the canal and improving the area round the water for wildlife which many visitors come to see.”

The Friends of Cromford Canal chairman Patrick Morriss said:

When this work has been done we’ll be closer to our long-term aim of putting a trip boat back on this stretch of canal for visitors to enjoy.

It’s excellent news that this work will be carried out. Canals cannot simply be left to their own devices and this work will help improve the water quality.”

The dredging works are expected to take around nine weeks to complete.

They won’t start till this winter as that’s when it will cause the least disturbance to the canal wildlife.


Dredging Today Staff, February 27, 2013