The Netherlands: CEDA and IADC to Co-Operate Again

CEDA and IADC to Co-Operate Again

The highly successful book “Environmental Aspects of Dredging” jointly produced by CEDA and IADC was published five years ago.

Since that time a lot of knew knowledge has emerged and the Boards of CEDA and IADC have decided to summarise that new knowledge in a concise manner and make it available in a new book. As before, a joint Editorial Advisory Board will guide the project with the following members:

– Stefan Aarninkhof, Boskalis, the Netherlands, representing IADC;

– Andy Birchenough, Cefas, UK, representing CEDA;

– Anna Csiti, CEDA;

– Anders Jensen, DHI, Denmark, representing CEDA;

– Rene Kolman, IADC;

– Mark van Koningsveld, Van Oord, the Netherlands, representing IADC.

The EAB will start work shortly with designing the major outline of the new book. Invitations will be sent out to experts to contribute.

The aim is to publish the book in the spring of 2015.


Press Release, March 1, 2013