Terra at Aqua: Erosion Behaviour of Draghead

Erosion Behaviour of Draghead

A draghead known as “the pilferer”, based on the principle of erosion, was invented by DEME dredging company.

Using the concept of van Rhee (2010) the erosion behaviour of this particular draghead was investigated.

The erosion rates created by the flow velocity along the seabed are calculated using potential flow theory.

Certain assumptions were made during the use of this theory.

These assumptions were validated in a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model using OpenFOAM.

The CFD model also gave a better understanding of the flow field of a draghead during the erosion process.

With these theories the productions of the erosion head were calculated and compared to reality.

Agreement between calculations and the real situation is promising.

The theory explained in this research can also be used to describe the erosion behaviour of other types of dragheads.

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Press Release, March 6, 2013